Sell Your Caravan

Selling Your Caravan

We also deal in the sales of caravans by connecting buyers with sellers. As with the purchase process, the sale process is not complicated and only requires you to fill a form. The form primarily contains information on your caravan, which we subject to our standards test, and the required details include the manufacturer’s name, caravan’s model number and year, Berth’s info, postcode, number and your details.

Generally, three factors influence the sale of a caravan, whether new or old, which are

Although the price always does not discourage people, especially when backed with quality, it is still one of the factors any buyer will consider. It is the first factor determining whether the buyer would obtain a loan or outrightly purchase the caravan.

It refers to how quick it can be disposed of. Caravans come in different sizes and designs, and some designs, especially luxury, retain value for a long time. Hence, the caravan sale can be affected by the model size and type and its current relevance in the market.

This factor is one reason why many sellers take their product for repairs or renovation before the sale.

Ease of Sale

How easy would the sale be? This factor will be determined by market value and price.

Hence, the services we offer in respect of selling of caravans are

We help you value your caravan at the best price or worth. It is easy to obtain the best deal for your good because we are in the business and quite familiar with the pricing.

We operate an online inventory and an offline sale record. Hence, when you approach us and approve of your caravan, we enlist your caravan as one of our available stocks. You do not physically deliver the chattel to us, and you can continue to enjoy it until a sale contract is concluded and signed.

Also, we receive buying orders daily, and we may thus find the right buyer for your caravan. Regardless, we deliver services with great speed and efficiency. 

As a broker service firm, we manage the whole selling process from the negotiation to the contract signing stage. We complete all legal and paper works and finish our job with the new buyer’s transfer of ownership (proprietary rights).

The transaction is concluded after the price has been fully paid, and a legal contract has been signed.

What We Offer

The advantages of selling at Somewhere Else include:

No Fee Charged for Consultation or Advertisement

If you do not sell your caravan, we will charge no fee. Hence, consultation and advertisement are free. Nonetheless, we always sell all caravans brought to us.

No Upfront Payment

You don’t need to pay any upfront payment before selling your caravan on our website.

Wide Connections Range

We have established one of the largest networks of dealers and caravan wholesalers, and thus, you have access to choose from varying options based on our guidance.

Less Time and Efforts

We assist you to carry out all processes.

Transparency and Accountability

We are responsible and very honest in our dealings.

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