Our New Motorhomes

There are new series of motorhomes with varying sizes, structures and designs. They are lightweight and usually spacious for flexible arrangements and consist of features ordinarily found in a home. Hence, they can be referred to as mobile homes. At Somewhere Else, we provide easy access to them. Examples of these new designs are

Navian N601 by Sunliner is one of the trending and most-sought-after motorhomes because it is smart, has an extensive range of equipment and spare parts, along with excellent interior and exterior designs. It is no doubt one of a kind with standards and made from quality materials.

This motorhome is C-grade with an adjustable mattress placed atop the vehicle and space for extra guests or storage room for items. The external consist of a slide-out area designed in a dining and café style can be used as a sitting room where you can interact with your guests.

Also, it has a cooking area furnished with necessary fittings and equipment such as an oven. The Navian N601 offers relaxation and entertain you from the installed TV and good shower time in a full-length bathroom. 

Other characteristics of this sunliner motorhome are a 2-door three-way fridge, brakes, airbags, awnings, 2000W air-conditioning, GPS location, Antenna, Slideout etc.

It costs about $249 000.

Habitat HA1 has a total of four sitting arrangement, two beds and a dry bathroom. It is the perfect example of home away from home lifestyle and thus, offers comfort in a homely way and has a blend of luxury.

The motorhome consists of various rooms such as the dining room, relaxation lounges, drop-down bed, kitchen, among other sections. The kitchen is furnished with different fittings and equipment such as a fridge, microwave, oven etc., while the bathroom is large and dry and with suitable tub equipment.

The standard features are ABS brakes, driving and external lights, generator and inverter, running hot water system, power windows and steering, extra battery, picnic table etc.

Habitat HAI mixed-terrain motorhome costs only $231,234.

The motorhome costs more than some caravans but lesser compared to Habitat HAI and Navian 601. It consists of two seats and four sleeping arrangements with an available license.

Even at a relatively low price, it has impressive features and offers excellent performance. The internal structure provides ample space with various compartments such as a sitting room, dining area, kitchen, lounge, etc. The motorhome’s different equipment includes a multi-door fridge, microwave, heater, oven, sink, reversing camera, GPS, in-built DVD Tv, etc.

It is lightweight and can be gotten at a reduced price of $165,715. It derives power from diesel with automatic transmission and offers an average home lifestyle. The cabin is divided into various units that allow for two seats and two beds and other features such as airbags, steering power and windows, location system etc.

The dining area is structured close to the kitchen, while the bathroom is located on the rear giving it a dry outlook. The toilet is distinct from the bathroom and has a vanity.