New 5th Wheelers

Our New 5th Wheelers

A 5th wheeler is a type of caravan joined with a turntable placed on a vehicle’s back. Usually, the caravan has four wheels, but when combined with the turntable or hitch, it becomes a fifth wheeler. They are fast becoming a trend in Australia, mainly due to their modern style. At Somewhere Else, we provide easy access to them.

There is a range of new fifth wheelers unlocked by Sunliner Northshore.  The fifth wheeler is a luxurious caravan that is packed with outstanding unique features. The wheeler offers a genuine travel experience, and with all the necessary facilities, it can be described as a home away from home. The only difference between this caravan and the original house is its very light tow weight.

It also has a familiar aura similar to standard motorhomes. The main features include a smooth, plain white external body covered with fibreglass, lightweight chassis, wheels made from alloy and electronic jacks.

This fifth wheeler differs from others in the same series, primarily because of its weight and does not require large pick-ups to tow them. They can be towed by local Utes such as Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado and Nissan Navara. The wheeler sits in the tray centre to gather more stability and relieve the vehicle’s rear of extra load.

The specifications include:


The lightings include the rays from the LED ceiling, reading lights and awning lights


The kitchen consists of two doors, three burner stove head, grill and oven, microwave and splashback.


It has an in-built battery of 110Ah charged by a 30A 240V charger and can be used with a 160w Solar panel or regulator and a thousand watts inverter.

Comforting Hitch

The hitch is gooseneck and placed in the middle of the vehicle's tray. This simple setting offers a more convenient ride and offers safety.


The plumbing works are a toilet with a hot running shower tub and the porcelain sink. Other features include small gas cylinders and greywater measuring about 110 litres.


A heater and roof hatch manage the climatic conditions for warmth in cold weather and an air conditioner for hot weather.


The wheeler also entertains you with a flat 24 inches Television installed with stereos and speakers. The TV has a built-in DVD and is controlled by an RV television antenna.


The fifth wheeler requires licensing that ease the process of travelling across the country.

Interior Design

The interior design resembles that of a home consisting of a mattress and upholstery made from fabric.


The chassis feature includes a tandem axle, electric brakes, alloy wheel, regulating jacks and IRS suspension. Furthermore, a fifth wheeler offers the following benefits.

Various Room Compartments

Unlike the previous series, the 5th wheeler is enormous and has a layout with a bed placed over the tow vehicle. Hence, there is a larger space than a motorhome or caravan.

Finally, the price is entirely on the high side, and many persons prefer rental for their travel experience. If you have more questions on the new fifth wheeler, kindly contact us through our mail provided below.