Caravan Parts and Service

Parts & Service

Like all automobiles, caravans may develop faults that are remedied by repairs or servicing. Also, restoration or complete renovation may require that you buy new parts.

We have an extensive database of spare parts dealers and repairers. Somewhere Else keeps records of all various caravan spares or parts for motorhomes. There are also replacements for camping vehicles or tents, motorhome and caravan awnings and tools for DIYs and caravan repairs.

Our team members are hardworking and diligent and can spell the functions of all tools and spare parts. All you have to do is send an inquiry. They help you understand the tools needed for your needs and even connect you to repairers regardless of whether the fault is electrical or mechanical.

We deal in tools produced by reputable brands such as Alko, Reich, Shurflo and Dometic. Caravan spare parts include water heaters, roof lights, air conditioner, locker door, hobs and sinks, awnings, pumps etc. 

Our services in this aspect include:

We conduct a personal test on your caravan for a proper diagnosis. We have skilled hands in this aspect, and they carry out their duties diligently. In the end, they produce results and recommend required services.

After discovering the problem associated with your caravan, the next point is to look for appropriate tools, spare parts, or a repairer specialised in that field. Here, we search through our database or directories and choose the one that best suits your demands. In everything that we do, we act in your best interest.

We help you get repairs at a reduced cost because of the discounts we receive from time to time. Also, we are familiar with the mechanical world and pricing due to our constant business activities, and unlike personal contracts, we negotiate better.

We help you manage your time and minimises the efforts you make by completing the process of repairs. We make sure your caravan is delivered to you in improved condition, and if you wish, we carry you along each step of repairs or parts replacements.


We also offer installation services, whether on the external phase or the internal. We conduct the installation of T. Vs, solar panels, satellite dish, tanks, among others.

Furthermore, caravans require timely servicing for proper maintenance of the parts and adequate functioning.

The benefits of hiring us for this service are numerous. We understand that it is difficult to get a reliable repairer, and finding an original spare part may seem almost impossible. Hence, we relieve you of this daunting task by undertaking the same job and completing it effortlessly. Thanks to our extensive database connections and experience. We do not charge any fee for consultation, and for other services, we charge a reasonable amount that is very competitive in the market.

Most importantly, we do not compromise quality because we believe in serving the best. In essence, we deal in quality spare parts that are very durable and cost-effective.