Caravan Insurance

Insure Your Caravan

Your caravan is a significant investment that costs thousands of dollars, if not more. In turn, you cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to the protection of this asset. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of threats that exists to your continuous ownership of your caravan. Even worse, these threats exist whether your caravan is in use or in storage. We understand that you cannot afford to take any risk. This is why we encourage our clients to adopt caravan insurance. It allows you to receive compensation in the event of any damage to the boat. This way, you’re not financially inconvenienced. We don’t offer your insurance cover at Somewhere Else. This is because we are not authorised to do so. However, you’ve got nothing to worry about as we have third-party partners who are authorised to do so and can help you. Regardless of where you are in Australia, they are available to offer you comprehensive protection that ensures you have nothing to worry about. You can now tour the whole of Australia knowing fully well that your needs are well catered for when it comes to an insurance cover.

Do You Need to Get A Caravan Insurance

You might be wondering if you need caravan insurance. Well, the reality is that you need one. Of course, unlike boat insurance, caravan insurance isn’t one that’s compulsory under the law. However, the reality is that it comes with a wide range of advantages that make it worth it. For instance, while we always want to avoid accidents, in some cases, there’s hardly anything we can do about it. This is because these issues are well beyond our reach. However, with an insurance cover, in such cases, you’ll have little to worry about. This is because it ensures that you can receive compensation and complete repairs without having to raise money from your personal finances. Also, in the event of flood, storm, fire outbreak, and even theft, it obliges your insurer to compensate you and ensure that you don’t suffer excessive and unredeemable loss.

Types of Insurance

If you're looking to get an insurance cover, there are two types of options that you can opt for. They are:

Under this arrangement, you get compensated based on an agreed value. This value is usually determined at the inception of the insurance agreement. This can be disadvantageous where the cost of repair had increased between the period where the insurance agreement came to life and when the accident occurred. 
Under this arrangement, you get compensated based on the actual value of your caravan at the time when the accident occurred. This allows you to get restored to the position you were in before the occurrence of the accident. 

You can get cover from a wide range of conditions or situations, and this includes:

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage 
  • Stolen Contents
  • Third-Party Liability Cover

In case you have got any questions, you can contact us today. We would be happy to refer you to our insurance partners.