About Us

Somewhere Else is one of Australia’s reputable companies that offer brokerage services as it relates to RVs such as motor homes and travel trailers. We have access to an extensive database of dealership operations and lending institutions.

Our experience over the years and expertise lays the foundation for quality service. Our products are of different series and makers. They also come in different designs, size and structures.

We have the best team members with high negotiation skills to get great offers at affordable and competitive prices. More so, we receive discounts and promos from time to time.

We are hardworking, diligent and dedicated to our work to satisfy your needs and demands and deliver speedily with excellent efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide brokerage services to motorhomes buyers and sellers and ease all procedures involved.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a first-class broker firm that offers services including purchase, servicing and repairs, rentals, insurance, and financing to access a broader dealership network.

Our Values

Everywhere else is based on certain principles and values that form the basis of our relationships and interactions.


We have faith in the saying that "honesty is the best policy"; hence we are transparent in our transactions and operations. We are accountable to our clients for all monies advanced and paid. We keep a record of all receipts and paper works.

Good Customer Service

We place our customers on high pedestal and deliver quality service only. We secure great offers for you at reduced rates and make sure your demands are met.


We are professionals that treat all jobs with reverence. We are hardworking and committed to providing services that ease Australians' lifestyles. Our team members are appropriately screened and are disciplined to treat all clients with great respect.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services which include:

Caravan Purchase

One of the primary services we offer is the Caravan Purchase. We assist buyers in getting motorhome, caravans and other RVs at reduced rates and affordable. The process is simple, and only your specifications are needed. We keep inventories of available stocks and also send them to our network of dealers.

Caravan Sale

Whether used or new, we can help you dispose of your old caravan or motorhome. We help you overcome the challenges of personal contracts by reducing the stress involved. We do not charge for consultation or advertisement and help you with valuation, sale and legal documents.

Related Service Through Third-Party Partners

Caravan Insurance

Insurance is a policy taken for protection against loss or damage or other accidents. We help you with all services, including registration and secure deal with an insurance company with interests aligned with your demands.

Caravan Financing

Caravans are different in sizes and designs and do come at various prices. The prices can be high and require financing, which involves taking loans to buy a motorhome, caravan or other RVs; accept an insurance policy or pay for repairs. The loan may be secured or unsecured, and it may be for an extensive period.