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We Are Expert Caravans. Motorhomes, and RV Brokers on Melbourne

Somewhere Else is one of Australia's reputable companies that offer brokerage services as it relates to RVs such as motor homes and travel trailers. We have access to an extensive database of dealership operations and lending institutions. Our experience over the years and expertise lays the foundation for quality service. Our products are of different series and makers. They also come in different designs, size and structures.

What We Offer

We offer the following:

We are at the one-stop outlet for various motorhomes and RVs. We have connections to many banks and lenders Australia wide with brokers to help source the best caravan loans, travel trailers, and RVs. Our services are delivered with great speed and do not require any rigorous process.

We also deal in the sales of caravans by connecting buyers with sellers. As with the purchase process, the sale process is not complicated and only requires you to fill a form. The form primarily contains information on your caravan, which we subject to our standards test, and the required details include the manufacturer’s name, caravan’s model number and year, Berth’s info, postcode, number and your details. Click for more information.

Like all automobiles, caravans may develop faults that are remedied by repairs or servicing. Also, restoration or complete renovation may require that you buy new parts. We have an extensive database of spare parts dealers and repairers. Somewhere Else keeps records of all various caravan spares or parts for motorhomes.

Getting a caravan is all a great idea until the cost of the caravan comes up. Depending on your choice of a caravan, you’ll need to spend considerably. We understand that this can be discouraging when you consider your personal finance. You can now get a caravan loan to ensure that you can get easy access to the money you need to complete the purchase.

Do you have a dream caravan? Then, you should just go ahead and buy it. However, it’s not always that easy. Thanks to the considerable cost that comes with getting a caravan, whether new or used, you might find it difficult to get this done. Well, you don’t need to worry about anything. You can now beat your financial limitations through caravan finance. 

Your caravan is a significant investment that costs thousands of dollars, if not more. In turn, you cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to the protection of this asset. We understand that you cannot afford to take any risk. This is why we encourage our clients to adopt caravan insurance.

New 5th Wheelers

A 5th wheeler is a type of caravan joined with a turntable placed on a vehicle’s back. Usually, the caravan has four wheels, but when combined with the turntable or hitch, it becomes a fifth wheeler. They are fast becoming a trend in Australia, mainly due to their modern style. At Somewhere Else, we provide easy access to them.

New Motorhomes

There are new series of motorhomes with varying sizes, structures and designs. They are lightweight and usually spacious for flexible arrangements and consist of features ordinarily found in a home. Hence, they can be referred to as mobile homes. At Somewhere Else, we provide easy access to them.